the sisterhood studio
was born from a love
and passion to empower
women in business through feminine, heart led design. 

Strength in Sisterhood

The Graphic Designer and owner of The Sisterhood Studio. For as long as I can remember I have been in love with dreamy aesthetics. From interiors to travel, I love finding and seeing the beauty in every corner of this earth (hello Pinterest, my bestie!). In a search to learn more about how to make this apart of my day to day life, I completed a Bachelor's degree of Digital Media and Majored in Graphic Design. 

Over time, my feminine design style has led me to work with an abundance of amazing women. As a dreamer myself, being able to bring another women's dream to life is what makes my job truly special. 

i'm erin, the designer

I'm The Sisterhood Studio assistant and copyright extraordinaire. With a passion for creating content with a purpose, I love writing that connects with the audience. With a background in admin & customer service, I can't wait to connect with our clients to help them achieve their biz dreams. 

i'm ash, the assistant

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